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College of Chiropractors Granted Royal Charter
On November 2012, the College of Chiropractors was Granted a Royal Charter by the Queen and officially became the Royal College of Chiropractors in February 2013.

This is considered one of the ultimate seals of approval amongst healthcare professionals. The now, Royal College of Chiropractors, was granted a Royal Charter after working long and hard to gain approval. The profession is delighted to receive such prestigious recognition for such a small profession of just 3,744 chiropractors.

This recognition is on top of the statutory regulation that is in place to protect the public. As this demands a minimum standard and requires practising healthcare professionals to uphold this standard of care.

So out of the three main branches of manual therapy that we offer - chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy who was regulated when? As Before being granted a Royal Charter, the most significant event to forward the chiropractic profession was becoming a regulated profession. This happened in 1994 in the UK when the Chiropractors Act was passed. Physiotherapists have been regulated for 12 years, by the Health Professional Council, created under the Health Professions Order in 2001. In fact is was the osteopaths who were the first to be registered, they have been for 20 years since the Osteopaths Act was passed in 1993 but they have yet to achieve Chartered status.

The unusual point in all of this is how independently the 3 professions have operated over the years. In treating conditions related to back pain, neck pain, knee pain and elbow pain. Strains and sprains, sciatica and neuralgia. At Agilaflex we have learnt how valuable it is to work together to better solve patient problems. Yes, there is a huge overlap across the hands-on techniques and exercise based intervention but working together is the way forward for these professions.

Of course, we’d love to hear what you think. If you have any specific questions, email us on frontdesk@agilaflex.co.uk.
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Posted By: Kari Duggleby, Chiropractor
May 14, 2013 03:06pm